BuilDatAnalytics is a business intelligence company for the commercial construction industry.

BDA provides field crew with its flagship, patent pending software platform called CTBIM. CTBIM captures real-time field activities, which enables the production of insightful analytics for project owners and contractors.


Construction Trade Building Information Management, Inc. (pronounced “CT-BIM”), is a web-based, cloud construction software solutions provider for stakeholders of any complex commercial building project. A green solution, CTBIM™ provides the most precise method to capture construction data as it happens. Our solution enables users to access real-time information, through the use of mobile devices, to validate the percentage of construction completed by construction trades, greatly reducing time spent verifying received inventory while promoting streamlined communication, and greatly reducing waste and inefficiencies. Whether a project involves the new construction of complex buildings, submarines, aircraft carriers, nuclear facilities, the retrofitting or extensive repair or new construction of any complex structure, CTBIM™ offers a full suite of solutions to help capture and manage information throughout the lifecycle of projects.


CTBIM™, is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Reston, Virginia. Created and founded by Tiffany Hosey Brown, Esquire in 2010, CTBIM is a construction software solution service that creates a complete design/inventory database at the beginning of construction projects for stakeholders of any complex commercial building project. This solution was created to address the need to track the construction and inventory of 3,000 doors, frames and hardware being installed in a 2 million square foot building under a Base Realignment and Closure Project. CTBIM™ was successfully utilized by field crew and proven as a revolutionary construction tool.


Simply stated, CTBIM™ transforms the current way of capturing and managing information during pre-construction, construction and post-construction to an integrated, streamlined and more efficient process. Users of CTBIM™ realize fewer costly errors, a reduction of risk, more efficient use of time and greater profits.


CTBIM™ archives construction progress data as it happens in the field through the use of mobile devices such as IPads or smartphones. CTBIM™ uses the data to provide benefits such as accurate pay validation reporting, automated updates from design documents, more efficient inventory tracking and animated 3d .pdf technology.