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Inventory Pain

  • Inventory checked against packing slip using pen and paper
  • Crewman wait to store until each inventory item checked
  • No way to easily identify items changed by drawings
  • High probability of human error
  • Inefficient use of time
  • Too many many hours expended

Update Pain

  • Delay/failure to receive updated drawings
  • Failure to review updated drawings

Discrepancy Pain

  • Field conditions do not mirror plans
  • Delays in communicating discrepancies
  • Resolution of discrepancies delayed to trades
  • Rushed substitutions cause errors

"As Built" Pain

  • As-Built plans do not match drawings
  • Rebuilds require added extra costs in labor and materials
  • Rebuilds can cause delay in construction schedule

Accurate "As Builts"

  • Real time updates help avoid building errors
  • Increased accuracy of "as-builts"
  • Automatic digital archive of "as-builts"

Real-Time Discrepancy Updates

  • Real-time discrepancy alert system
  • Field crew report discrepancies via Tablet/smartphone
  • Red colored code highlights detected discrepancy
  • Yellow colored code highlights action taken
  • Green colored code highlights resolution achieved

Automatic Updates

  • Integrates real-time approved updates directly from architectural/design software

Inventory Tracking

  • Delivered inventory barcoded where vendors cooperate
  • Smartphone scans barcode
  • Scanned information uploaded in real-time to CTBIM
  • Inventory list auto updated
  • Provides real-time bulk inventory list


Receive heightened transparency of construction progress


Receive automatically generated more accurate "As-Builts"


Generate real-time reports on any aspect of construction progress


Use an accurate, validated payment system


Better analyze business processes and predict profitability